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The demand for housing in urban areas, coupled with a limited supply, often results in competitive rental markets and high housing costs. Newcomers may find it challenging to navigate the various rental procedures, understand lease agreements, and fulfill the necessary documentation requirements. Additionally, language barriers can add complexity when communicating with landlords or real estate agents. Finding housing that aligns with individual preferences and needs, such as proximity to work or amenities, can be time-consuming. The scarcity of affordable housing exacerbates the challenge, requiring newcomers to explore various options and potentially adjust their expectations.

Ekspatify offers the following services:

  • Find affordable accommodations before you arrive in Denmark.

  • Review the terms and conditions in your rental contract.

  • Register your address with the local authorities.

  • Set up utility services such as electricity, and Internet.

Buying an apartment

The residence you would like to live in needs to meet the following requirements:

  • It needs to be suitable accommodation for your household

  • It needs to be reasonably sized. The number of people living in the residence may not be more than double the number of rooms, or there must be at least 20 sq. meters of living space for each person living there

  • It needs to have heating and electricity, as well as access to a kitchen, toilet, and bathroom

  • It may not be located in a municipality that is not receiving refugees in accordance with the Integration Act (integrationsloven).

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