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Newcomers to Denmark often encounter unique challenges when it comes to navigating the educational and healthcare systems, particularly in relation to their children. One significant hurdle is understanding the Danish school and daycare systems, which can differ significantly from those in other countries. Language barriers can complicate communication with teachers and administrators, making it challenging for parents to actively engage in their children's education. Additionally, newcomers may find it daunting to comprehend the vaccination requirements and healthcare protocols in Denmark. Ensuring that children receive the necessary vaccinations and healthcare services can be a complex process, requiring newcomers to familiarize themselves with the Danish healthcare system and its procedures.

Ekspatify offers the following services:

  • Explain the Danish healthcare system and help you get yellow cards for children.

  • Choose a medical clinic for your family.

  • Make sure your kids follow the Danish vaccination program.

  • Find a suitable daycare/kindergarten/school.

In the school

Education for Everyone

he municipalities are responsible for ensuring that all children of the mandatory school age in the municipality either attend a regular primary school (folkeskole) or receive an education equivalent to it.

A child is considered to live or reside in a municipality when the child has had a residence in the municipality for a period of at least 3 consecutive weeks outside normal vacation periods. In addition, it must be assumed that the child will reside in Denmark for at least 6 months

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